Le Blush Beauty Cafe


Le Blush Beauty Café is an initiative to revolutionize the beauty service industry. Founded on the novel concept of fresh and handmade beauty products. It is indeed a step towards 100% non chemical provision of world class beauty services. Here at Le Blush we believe in not just artificially enhancing the beauty of the client rather enhancing the soul of beauty of our client, with particular focus on boosting their self confidence along with débuting the prevalent myths. Over all these years the Beauty products manufacturers have tried their level best to brainwash the customers with false promises and facts so as to maximize their sales. Promoting lethal practices and hazardous products. And we as customers have got swayed by their fancy marketing tactics. To add to these malpractices the greedy salon owners started the practices of mixing and matching further playing with the beauty as well as health of their customers




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Budget - 25000 TO 50000